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About Education

It’s the question that can gnaw at a parent throughout the work day: Is my child safe? And yet, many parents are forced to take a gamble, leaving their child under the care of an elderly relative, a well-meaning but unqualified friend, or at a substandard child care facility. For financially strapped ALICE® (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) families and those Educationin poverty, the high cost of early childhood education – $16,000 annually for one child – puts quality out of reach. These children miss out on an opportunity that has a proven and profound impact.

When quality early learning experiences are affordable, parents can focus at work with peace of mind knowing their children are safe. Children go on to be better educated, healthier, and more productive workers. And communities avoid the costly game of catch-up. The payoff is undeniable.

United Way fights for today’s workforce and tomorrow’s. That means giving every child in our communities the right start, setting them up for lifelong success. Click here to see how.

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